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Words from our CEO

"The best experience of my life. It is my dream to hear our guests express their feeling like that", says our CEO Cyril Bricaud. To give travelers an extraordinary experience is the backbone of Cyril. His years in Air France, Scandinavian Airlines, First Hotels and Hurtigruten made him define and tune the content he aspires to deliver. 

"My dream is to know we set up an experience that makes the traveler feel special.."

The global market for experience tourism reflects different needs - both for the active and for the more comfort-seeking traveler. In Arctic Travel Company we believe the objective of our guests is to participate in the arctic reality, view the scenery, experience the unique phenomenons of nature and get good stories to bring back home.

Our objective is to be a high-quality brand. Our goal is to deliver the best activities in the arctic and this require a well planned, complex and knowledge-based organization. All to make our guests say: "The best experience in my life."

Cyril Bricaud