Whale & Orca Safari – The comfortable way!

Whale & Orca Safari – The comfortable way!

Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime? Then do the Whale Safari the best way! With us you can sit and relax in comfortable seating in room temperature and enjoy the search of the whales through windows, while enjoying snacks and hot beverages.
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Join us on this spectacular Fjord Cruise where we will search the beautiful Norwegian Fjords for one of the largest mammals in the world! From November to late-January many pods of whales visit the Fjords outside Nordreisa, Skjervøy and Lyngen to feed on great shoals of herring. These conditions offer the best opportunity to get a close-up view of these majestic sea-dwelling mammals. The most common species of whale we can see is the Humpback whale and Killer whale (Orca). In addition to the large whales, the smaller porpoise is also known to make an appearance.
This tour comes highly recommended and is an absolutely “must do” while visiting the Tromsø area and Lyngenfjord region.

Tour Description
We depart from Oksfjord Harbour in Nordreisa municipal, because it is placed closer to where the Whales usually gathers. This way we can spend longer time observing the magnificent mammals. We use a medium sized boat with good outside and indoor place for 12 persons. Which is our total amount of people on the Whale Safari. By using a medium sized boat we can get close and personal with the "gentle giants" while respecting this magnificent animal. Inside our boat you can sit and relax in comfortable seating in room temperature, enjoying snacks and hot beverages while we search for the whales. When we find the Whales, you can go outside for a close-up look at the Whales. Or you simply can stay inside in the warmth and enjoy the spectacular sight of Whales through the windows. And of course, we have toilet facilities inside the boat, if that is needed.

NB: If weather, capacity or other circumstances dictates it, we can use a high speed RIB for this tour. If so you will get notified days in advance, and can cancel tour free of charge.

Practical Information
What to bring? Warm clothing, warm midlayers, hat/beanie, mittens, good shoes, scarf.
Whats included? Safety equipment, local guide, snacks, hot beverages
Departure: 10 am from harbour. Meet 09.45 am.
Duration: 3-4 Hours not including transfer.
Difficulty: Easy, family friendly
Group size: 2-12
Price: Adult NOK1600,- p.p Children (age 1-12) NOK1000,- p.p



Address: Straumfjordeidet 186, 9151 Storslett