Two days of fun in the Arctic

Could this be even easier for you? The best of Tromsø in one package. Witness the Northern Lights, the Orcas or Humpback whales and meet the adorable Reindeers. Stay at one of Tromso's most preferred hotels that has won the prize for the region's most delicious breakfast seven years in a row - the Scandic Ishavshotel.
Day 1 On the first night, we have planned a four-hour Northern Lights Cruise for you. Your hotel - the Scandic Ishavshotel lays right by the quayside in the heart of Tromsø centre and everything from there is just a short walk. When the time for the tour has come, stroll through the picturesque harbour till the main square, by the quayside of Kystens Hus the crew from Arctic Expedition will welcome you aboard one of their ships leaving for Northern Lights Cruise. The boat leaves at 7 pm *(19:00); you are expected at least 15 minutes prior this time for embarkment.

As soon as the course is set, the guide will show you the ship’s amenities, the deck and indoor space, lavatories, safety equipment, refreshments and will invite you to listen to Northern Lights stories in the lounge. Enjoy the freedom to stroll around the spacious outdoor deck or unwind indoors by a cup of tea.

The course will depend on the weather forecast, and when the sky is free from clouds you will have the opportunity to see the Northern Light (Aurora). On a starry night in Tromsø city, you don’t need to travel far to observe the Aurora. Once the conditions to see this Natures Phenomenon are right, the captain will slow down the boat letting it slowly drift along with the current. The guides will help you to set up your camera, and when the Northern Lights start to dance on the sky, they will help you take some photos if they are available.

Northern Light is subject to the weather forecast and solar storm disturbance in Earth’s Magnetic Field, and can’t be guaranteed. What we can guarantee is comfortable settings for observing them. The Northern Lights Cruise departs at 7 pm *(19:00) and returns at 11 pm *(23:00).

Day 2 On your second day you can choose from two tours, a Silent Whale Watching from 08:00 till 16:00, or Sami Culture and Reindeer Sledding from 17:00 – 00:00 The Whale Watching Tour will depart from the quayside next to Clarion Hotel The Edge at 8 am (08:00) the crew expects you 15 minutes before departure. While on the way, enjoy the view to the surrounding coastline, sounds, fjords and islands from comfortable, panoramic lounges and multi-level decks. The scenic journey to the whale sighting area can take up to two hours, once the whales spotted, one hour is spent around the whales. Duration of this trip depends on whale migration and therefore can range from 6-8 hours. The catamarans hybrid engine will be used to reach the whale feeding ground faster, and when near the whales, the crew switch the engine to a silent hybrid-electric engine that will minimise disturbance to their environment and you will enjoy the presence of whales in silence. We take care to follow the responsible whale watching guidelines.

Whale watching is subject to their migration and weather conditions; therefore, it can’t be guaranteed, but we always do our best to see the whales! In our lounge, you find a kiosk with a selection of food and drinks for purchase.

Your return from the whale watching should not be later than 4 pm (16:00), that gives you a bit of time to prepare for your next adventure in Camp Tamok. We have planned for you an evening with Sami Culture, and Reindeer Sledding and the tour is leaving from Scandic Ishavshotel at 5 pm (17:00). In the parkingspace at the hotel, you will find a bus with Lyngsfjord Adventure sign. The bus leaves at 5 pm sharp; be there 15 minutes before departure.

The scenic transfer through fjord and mountain landscape will take 75 minutes – pending on snowconditions. Upon arrival at Camp Tamok, your Sami guide will be waiting for you. First, you will be provided with warm winter clothes and boots and then head off to explore the traditional part of Sami culture and try the oldest form of transport in the north. As our reindeer herd is some distance from our main camp and the barking huskies, your adventure will start with a short transfer by minibus to our Sami Camp. This fascinating cultural adventure includes reindeer sledding, introduction in lasso throwing, storytelling about the Sami culture, and feeding the reindeer.

After this memorable encounter with the indigenous Sami people, you will return to Camp Tamok where we will serve you a hot meal around an open fire in a reindeer herder’s tent. After relaxing and warming up, it is time to head back to Tromsø and reflect on a memorable experience.

By midnight 00:00 you will return to Scandic Ishavshotel.