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Tromsø King crab safari and fjord cruise with 2 course king crab dinner >10 PAX

Norway is renowned for having some of the freshest and tastiest seafood in the world. One ofthe most popular marine life found in Northern Norways waters is the famous red King Crab.This crab is theone of thetastiest and most luxurious catchesthat nature can offer. Join us fora journey into the fjords on a comfortable boat toone of oursecret fishing spots.The journeyitself is a comfortable fjord cruise,allowing you toenjoy the breathtaking nature surroundTromsø from the boat.Once we arrive to our crab pod locations, our experienced fishing guidewill pull up crab pods in front of you with King Crabs, that will be prepared and served directlyon the boat, directly from water to table in less than1 hour. The dining will be conducted inthe boats salon, on tables so that you can comfortably enjoy this delicacy. The King Crab will beserved alongside artisan bread, butter, lemon, sauce, rice and salad