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Enjoy unique atmosphere and arctic cuisine in secluded wilderness.
Summer or winter, an experience of wild luxury awaits you at the most special restaurant in Kirkenes - Snowhotel "Låven" restaurant.

Pris fra 480 NOK
Eating at the Snowhotel Kirkenes Restaurant is more than an experience for your palate.
The reindeer in the yard, greeting you as you enter.
140 huskies howling their welcome as the northern lights flickers across the sky.

Walking through the magnificent Snowhotel and seeing the unreal ice sculptures and carvings.
The view to the fjord from Høyloftet restaurant, and the crackling fire in Gabba.

That`s why we say you not only get a meal.​ You get a story.

Dinner is served 19:00. (Other times on request for groups)

Snowhotel visit is included, please meet a bit before to see the Snowhotel. Its also possible to have a drink in the icebar after dinner.



‎Chilli and fennel‎

Squash burger

‎Vegetables, mushrooms, Gulløye potato and herb sauce‎

‎Fruits and berries‎

‎Vegan meringue, chocolate, rhubarb and blueberries‎


Package Schedule

Step by step schedule of the package showing all activities and accommodations, view it here on the web or click the link on the right to download it to your device.

Price 01.05.-30.11 - 480 NOK

Price 01.12. - 30.04 - 745 NOK