Ice Fishing


Minimum 10 personer.Do you want to join an adventure most people never get to try? This activity includes a snowshoeing walk to a frozen lake, drilling holes in the ice, ice fishing and tasting of the self-caught fish grilled on a campfire.
Camp Tamok

You will be transported to our wilderness camp where you'll receive thermal suits, gloves, boots and hats to keep you warm. This is followed by a short ride to the frozen lake before you put on your snowshoes and walk out into the winter wonderland. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while fishing, sit back and relax. Hopefully you will catch a lot of trout and Arctic char. The ice fishing lasts for approximately 90 min. Any fish you catch will either be prepared on the spot or back at the wilderness camp in the Sami lavvu (Sami herdsmen's tent). Taste your self-caught catch of the day and/or enjoy our hot meal before heading back to Tromsø.