Husky Visit Winter & Summer Tisnes w/o Transfer _ Cruise

Husky Visit Winter & Summer Tisnes w/o Transfer _ Cruise

Visit our workig Kennel of Alaskan husky and learn more about how we look after, train and feedour dogs. Our dogs have been on expeditions and races all over the Arctic, including the NorthPole. Get better known with this incredible and beautiful animals. You will love it !
Pris fra 125 NOK

Once arriving you will be welcomed by our friendly staff. At the basecamp all of our friendly

Alaskan huskies have their own name and personality and you will have a chance to cuddle with all

of them. They love to meet and interact with guests, so don't be afraid to take some selfies with

them. Learn how we prepare our dogs and equipment for running, train them and much more.

After meeting the huskies, please feel free go and grab some warm drinks and cake at our café.

Aurora Alps await for you in this simple, yet pleasant and vibrant activity.