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Hidden Fjords Narvik-Tromsø

Hidden Fjords Narvik-Tromsø
We have hired a very knowledgeable expedition team and equipped our ship with Zodiac to provide a unique and unforgettable experience on land and at sea. All lectures about Northern Lights, wildlife and Norway are included. You are also invited to improve your photography skills with our experienced on-board-photographer. He will offer photography lectures and will, at all times, support you to create memories of the beautiful scenery, wildlife and the Northern Lights.
Our well known and talented “chef” on board has adapted the idea to experience the coast as best as possible. He has created special menus with culinary highlights of the Norwegian Coast.

The main focus of our expedition cruise will be on:

Joining our expedition cruise will allow you to explore some of the most spectacular fjords, like the beautiful Lyngenfjord North of Tromsø, the narrow Raftsund or the famous Trollfjord in Lofoten. We will stop at little fishing villages and hike in different areas. Zodiac cruises will be offered in some places, bringing you much closer to nature compared to just watching it from the ship.

Northern Lights
There is no better way to experience the Northern Lights. You will stay all seven nights right under the center of the Aurora oval! That means you will have the highest chances to see the Aurora every night! Our unique itinerary is designed to be flexible. You will have a few chances to take perfect pictures of Northern Lights on land, but we will also be able to stop for Northern lights at sea.

If you love wildlife, this is your trip! We will do our best to bring you as close to the Arctic Wildlife, like Whales, Sea Eagles, Reindeer and Moose in their natural habitat, as possible. Our company has a lot of experience with whale safaris. The captains on all of our vessels will closely work together to find the best spots for whale watching. We have also included two “hot spots” for whale watching in our itinerary, to raise your chances to experience these fascinating mammals.

Our Expedition team will try its best to take you out with Zodiacs in case of whale encounters, to let you enjoy these moments on a totally different level. Since our ship is equipped with five Zodiacs, we are able to take all of our guests out simultaneously.

We have also included two great areas to watch Sea Eagles. It is really impressive to experience these predators hunting so precisely, even from huge distances.

General information:
This is a real expedition cruise. That means, we will give you the opportunity to stay active and explore. Our itinerary will be adjusted daily, based on weather conditions, aurora forecast and wildlife encounters to get the most out of the coast for you.

This expedition is suitable for guests with all fitness levels. Most of our activities can be adjusted to the fitness level of the participants. If you still feel uncomfortable to attend an activity, we will do our best to offer you an alternative and keep you entertained.

Almost all excursions are included in this voyage. Only dog-sledding, snow mobile rides, ice-fishing and the ICEHOTEL visit are optional and at extra cost.

Please note, that we have adapted our itinerary to flight and train arrival / departure times, to make it as easy as possible for you to join us. Most of our guests won`t need to book a hotel before and after the cruise. Since we care about the environment, we want to encourage you to take busses and trains up to Narvik or Tromso.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us!