CBIS 6701202

Dog Sledding in Målselv

We have daily departures via scenic fjord and mountain landscape every morning and evening throughout the winter season. The daytime adventures offer wonderful views while the evening tours offer opportunities to experience the majestic Northern Lights.
Pris fra 1895 NOK
You do not need any previous skills to mush your husky team. All you need is reasonable physical health and an eagerness to try something new. Upon arrival at our camp, we will provide warm winter clothing and begin the dog sledding with thorough safety instructions and a practical demonstration. Two people share each sled and dog team. One is the “musher” (driver) and the other can sit back and enjoy the ride. You can switch places midway during the dog sledding trail. Depending on snow conditions, we will spend approx. 1 hr 30 min to complete the trail.

After the dog sledding adventure, we will serve you a hot meal and soon will be time to board the bus back to the city and reflect on a memorable adventure.