A Day Outdoors that`s Nice & Easy!

A package featuring Sami culture & reindeer sledding, camp stay and Northern Lights watching.

Looking to combine Arctic nature, culture and authentic Northern Norwegian winter adventures in a relaxing way? We recommend leaving the city behind and joining us for a relaxing day and evening day at our wilderness centre Camp Tamok, a 75-minute scenic drive from downtown Tromso in Northern Norway.

Pris fra oversettbar 3490 NOK
On this exciting full-day tour, we have selected activities that combine cultural experiences with winter fun. We start with Sami culture & Reindeer sledding, continue with a camp stay and finish with a Northern Lights experience. This adventure will require very little physical effort but just enough to have memorable winter fun. 

Upon arrival at Camp Tamok, we dress in warm winter clothes and boots and then head off to explore the ancient part of Sami culture and try the oldest form of transport in the north. As our reindeer herd is some distance from our barking huskies, your adventure will start with a short transfer by minibus to our Sami Camp. This fascinating cultural adventure includes reindeer sledding, instruction in lasso throwing, storytelling about the Sami culture and feeding the reindeer. 

After the Sami culture & Reindeer sledding, we will serve you a hot lunch in a heated lavvu (Sami herdsmen’s tent). During the relaxing camp stay, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea while feeding the campfire and explore the wilderness camp at your leisure. The unique environment at the camp is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the silence. Our camp host will share stories about the local area and make sure you do not miss the early Northern Lights if they appear. 

During the Northern Lights evening, we will provide thorough presentation about the Aurora Borealis and how to photograph this natural phenomenon. We will also serve a hot meal in a traditional North Norwegian setting around the open fire. If the sky is starry at Camp Tamok, we will take you on a short hike near our wilderness centre to stay warm and experience different settings to photograph the Northern Lights. If the sky is cloudy or there is no sign of the Northern Lights, you will still have good value for your money.

Whether you see this amazing spectacle or not, a trip to Camp Tamok is an adventure in itself. Please note that the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and they can appear early in the evening or late at night. If spotting the Northern Lights is your main aim, we recommend booking an overnight package combined with other activities.