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Blackwater Diving in Tromsø

On a typical night dive, you’ve got the reef as a reference, but a blackwater dive can take place in the open ocean. Tromsø has the world’s best blackwater dive sites.
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An entirely new cast of characters comes to life at night on the reef. Night diving feels mysterious. Sounds are amplified, and you can only see as far as the end of your torch beam. But unlike typical night dives, wherein you’ve got the reef as a reference, blackwater dives often take place in open ocean. This relatively new practice has become extremely popular in recent years. Suspended in the pitch black at a shallow depth and usually tethered to a boat line, the diver hovers over an abyssal point in the ocean, whether a trench or a drop-off. In the dark sea, the sensational, alien-like creatures of the deep rise to the surface to feed and breed.