Arctic Truck Driving Daytime

Good fun for boys & girls!
Pris fra 2495 NOK

We have daily departures via scenic fjord and mountain landscape every morning and evening throughout the winter season. The daytime adventures offer wonderful views while the evening tours offer excellent opportunities to experience the majestic Northern Lights. If you want to experience both, we offer Full-Day packages with a variety of combinations. 

Upon arrival at Camp Tamok, we will provide warm winter gear and begin the adventure with thorough safety instructions and a practical demonstration. It is then time to hit the road! We start by driving about 20 km on the road before heading off-road in snow-covered fields and challenging landscape. You will be surprised how the Arctic Truck navigates through the snow and challenging terrain. While accompanied by a guide, you will experience what it is like to be in the driver’s seat of Arctic Truck and take it for a good spin! This promises to be the thrill of a lifetime!

After driving through the snow and parking the Arctic truck, we will serve you a hot meal in a traditional North Norwegian setting around the open fire in a reindeer herder’s tent. You can relax, warm up and reflect on a memorable driving experience before heading back to Tromso. 

Please note: If you can drive a normal car, you can drive an Arctic Truck. All you need is a regular driving licence and a sense of adventure.


You will be at Camp Tamok for 4.5 hr. During this time you will do the preparations, get instructions, have a 2 hr arctic truck tour, get a hot meal and relaxing time at the camp.


  • Transfers
  • English-speaking guide
  • Winter overall suit, boots, mittens, hat
  • Hot meal and hot drinks


Package Schedule

Step by step schedule of the package showing all activities and accommodations, view it here on the web or click the link on the right to download it to your device.

Meeting place: Outside the Magic Ice Bar, Kaigata 4, Tromsø.

Time: 8:45.

Transfer to Camp Tamok: 75 minutes

Duration of the activity: 4.5h at Camp Tamok (Preparation, 2h of  Arctic Truck driving, hot meal and relaxing at the camp)

Distance: ~20km

After the scenic ride from Tromsø to Camp Tamok, you meet your guide who accompanies you for the rest of the day. If necessary, he provides you with warm winter clothing, but usually you should be okay with regular winter clothing. The Arctic Truck is well-heated as any other standard car. 

The off-road area is a short ride from the camp. Usually, the guide drives on the main road, and once we get off the road, you get to sit behind the wheel and enjoy the fun of snowy paths.

The transfer to Camp Tamok is by a big bus together with guests doing other activities like Dog Sledding, Snowmobiling, Reindeer Sledding and our guests staying overnight. 

Once at camp you will board the Arctic Truck accompanied by your guide - a specially built car for off-road driving.

Camp Tamok is exclusively built as a wilderness camp for outdoor activities. We have found a fair balance for authentic but comfortable holidays. Our camp is composed of traditional and rustic Northern Norwegian buildings consisting of several lavvus, timber cabins heated by wood stoves and oil lamps complementing with modern kitchen, shower and toilet facilities.

We have found the perfect location with wilderness at our doorstep. Our Husky Kennel and Reindeer Enclosure are only the first steps into the uninhabited winter wonderland surrounding Camp Tamok.

At Camp Tamok, we will provide warm winter clothing - winter overall suits, boots, hat & mittens. However, we recommend dressing in warm winter clothing and in layers so you can adjust your clothing to the weather. 

After the snowmobiling adventure, we will serve you a hot meal in a traditional North Norwegian setting around the open fire in a reindeer herder’s tent. 

! Category B driving license

! 7 years or above ( for passengers )