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Arktisk Mindfullness

Ideen om å reise for å lade batteriene

The Northern Norway state of mind. A visit to the north is not a visit to an amusement park or something staged. We are all authors of our own stories. To absorb the surroundings and to recharge, rethink, reinvent, we need to do things more slowly. With all our attention and awareness of the details. This way we can enjoy the fresh, arctic air and to be one hundre percent present. We don´ t control nature. Not he whales, not the northern lights, not the snow, not the wind. Experiencing is a state of mind.

Forelsk deg i stillheten


Bruk tid på alle detaljene

Tromsø Cathedral Enjoy the curves
Librar Snow

Vær alene på din egen strand

I Norge er allmenn-retten gjeldende. Det betyr at de fleste av oss har tilgang på det meste av landet. Naturen. Strendene. Bruk sommerens dager og netter til å sette deg ned, slappe av, kle av deg, kjenne varmen fra sola, tenk på livet, tenk på ingenting. Se ut på horisonten. Kjenn at du sløser med tiden. At den bare er der. At klokka er uviktig.


Poesi og livsnytelse.

You unfold your towel and get comfortable in the low evening sun. Welcome to your very own sandy beach – somewhere in the Arctic. Norway may not be synonymous with the phrase “beach vacation”. If you search for the word “beach” on the Internet, Norway probably won’t show up among the first one hundred matches, and Northern Norway – maybe even less so. Nevertheless, beach life and Northern Norway are indeed a combination anyone who appreciates areas where land meets water should experience. The northern beaches are unique in a global context – and here, you will never have to fight for an unoccupied beach bed. Because there are no beach beds. Nor will you be bothered by pesky beach vendors – or by pounding assembly line music from cheap speakers along a crowded beach promenade.
On the contrary, the beaches in Northern Norway are found in the middle of unrivaled and majestic nature. Here, you’ll have a golden eagle soaring watchfully above you as you wander through the open landscape, looking for your own, completely private beach. The only thing you hear is the sound of the waves, beating against the beach the same way they have done for thousands of years.

King Crab Barn
Summer girl Astrid

Dette er den nye luksusen

det handler om natur og personlige opplevelser

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