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Bestill ditt hundespanneventyr med oss

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Morsomme fakta om huskiene 

  • Huskier er født til å løpe. De kan løpe i en fart på opptil 80 km i timen. 
  • For å holde seg varm så har huskiene halen rundt ansiktet når de sover. 
  • Huskiene blir skjeldent slitne. De kan løpe lange avstander på veldig lite mat og drikke. 
  • Huskiene har ofte blå øyne. 


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Northern Lights Camp Tamok

Experience the raw nature at Camp Tamok

At Camp Tamok the ambition is to give travelers a feeling of the authentic north. Most people who visit Camp Tamok come by bus from Tromsø - picked up by the camps own buses. They attend some stunning activities, have a hot meal and return to the arctic capital later the same day. But this is not necessary - you are more than welcome to stay in one of our cottages.

Camp Tamok attracts dedicated guides with surprisingly varied background. The reason is obvious; to work in these beautiful surroundings. In the camp there are good chances to see the Northern Lights when the sky is in the right mood.

"To go dog sledding is this environement is a raw and unique experience"


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