Tromsø the Arctic capital

The Arctic capital

Tromsø is the Arctic Capital

The third largest city in the Arctic

Find a map, or even better, a big ball of a globe. Move your finger along the arctic circle and you will find two cities larger than Tromsø, both in Russia. But what the map does not tell you is that the most northern university in the world is in Tromsø. The quality of life, the clean air and the safe surroundings.

There is no doubt that most tourists come to Tromsø for the northern light, to see the whales or experience the fjords, but it is a fact that the arctic capital offers a wide variety of urban qualities.

The streets are filled with shops, cafés and restaurants - and if you are interested, the nightlife is quite famous.

Unlike a lot of cities around the world, Tromsø is a safe place. You can walk through the streets, day or night, without any other concerns than to enjoy yourself and feel the relaxed, northern atmosphere getting into your heart and soul.

Tromsø Library

Tromsø Library is a city landmark, especially in the winter

All champagne and spectacle?

The late nights are your choice, but feel sure to have a choice - because in Tromsø we have more restaurants per capita than any other Norwegian city. There are festivals going on almost all the time. From international film festivals to a Sami festival and several music-festivals.The poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, who wrote the lyrics to the national anthem of Norway, around the year of 1900 told his wife that Tromsø is all champagne and spectacle. 

"The place to be"

If you ask our specialist in Tromsø, Latvian-born Liga Sirava it is no doubt this is the place to be. "I believe Northern Norway is totally irresistible and could not imagine a better place to travel", she says. Liga is definitely more passionate about the nature than the city-life. She enjoys the cold and being a photographer she loves the light. "I could never be in a warm place. Not the Caribbean, not the Indian Ocean." Liga gets lost in the snow-covered trees and hills. Admiring the unspoiled nature. Feeling alive.

Liga Our Product specialist

"...Nicknamed "Paris of the North", Tromsø is a national treasure offering modern and traditional activities, exciting restaurants, varied nightlife and bustling cultural activity..."

Tromsø Library
Tromsø Library in winter