Tromsø - the Arctic Capital

Northern Lights - Whale Safari - Dog Sledding - Snowmobile - Culture - Hiking

Aurora Night Tromsø Norway



A hub for culture, citylife and
amazing, arctic activities

Welcome to Tromsø for the Northern Lights,
to see the Whales or experience the Fjords.

Welcome to Tromsø to enjoy a wide variety of urban qualities
or the unspoiled nature. To feel alive.

The Arctic Capital


Tromsø Ice Domes









What to do in and around Tromsø?

What to do in Tromsø? Truly a great variety of experiences. Here is the list. All bookable directly here of course.

Dog Sledding Camp Tamok

Dog sledding in Camp Tamok

Whales Tromsø

Whale Safari with Brim Explorer or Arctic Explorer

Snowmobile in Tromsø

Snowmobile in Camp Tamok

All Tromsø activities

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Tromsø packages

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