- the wildest of Norway

Romsdalen Gondola - Hiking - Climbing - Culture - Accommodation

Romsdalen The Edge Litlefjellet


The steep mountains. The deep valleys. The winding roads.
Romsdalen is more than meets the eye.

The wild meets the mild. The fjord meets the river. 
The scissor sharp alpine edges meet rounded majestic mountains.
Romsdalen is both for the extreme and the relaxed adventures in nature.

Probably the most varied mountain experience in Europe.


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Welcome to the mountains that
hosted Mission Impossible 7

What to do in Romsdalen?

Truly a great variety of experiences. Romsdalen is known as an outdoor activity center, and we highly recommend you to enjoy the nature the Norwegian way - which is the way you like it. Be relaxed or extremely active. Go high or low. Just feel the proximity of greatness and take it in...

Romsdalen a couple reading a map
Romsdalen - man sitting on the edge of a cliff admiring the view
Romsdalen Romsdalshorn - a couple overlooking the mountains

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Romsdalen is a favorite for filmmakers
and photographers all over the world

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