Romsdalen - the wildest of Norway

Romsdalen Skylift - Hiking - Climbing - Culture

Romsdalen Litlefjellet



From steep cliffs
to waving mountains

Romsdalen is not an either or.
Fjord meets the wild, waving mountains.

Romsdalen is both this and that, from the most
extreme activities to the silent valleys.

The wildest of Norway.



Romsdalen Gondola






What to do in Romsdalen?

What to do in Romsdalen? Truly a great variety of experiences. Here is the list. All bookable directly here of course. Welcome to Romsdalen

Hiking Romsdalen

Hiking in the area

Gondolen Romsdalen

The Romsdalengondola

Fishing Romsdalen

Fishing in Romsdalen

All Romsdalen activities

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The mountains that
staged Mission Impossible 7





Romsdalen packages

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