Wildlife Sightseeing to Værøy

Wildlife Sightseeing to Værøy

This could be the perfect trip for those of you who want to experience a little more of what Lofoten Islands has to offer. Embark at the departure place of your choice: Hamnøy, Reine or Å. 
Prices from 895 NOK

From the Southern tip of Lofoten (Lofotodden National park), we are sailing through the Moskenes current towards our destination, the island of Værøy. Crossing the current (one of the strongest in the world) and sailing along the shores of several tiny islands on the route means passing through optimal habitats for a unique selection of marine wildlife and seabirds. It might be the perfect chance to spot the white-tailed eagle, puffins, seals, killer whales and even humpback whales who are feeding in this area on herring and mackerel. 

During the trip, the guides on board will be on the lookout and share their knowledge of this specific area’s wildlife, history, and geography. 

When arriving at Værøy, we will dock the boat for about 4 hours, and you have the freedom to choose how to spend your time there. 

One of the options is to hike Håen (Håheia), the second-highest peak of the island. The start of this hike is about 3,5 km from the harbour, so we recommend renting a bike for an additional charge, provided by us on arrival. This way, you will have more time for the actual hike up the mountain (highest point 438m) and enjoy the incredible views when you’ve reached the top. 

You can explore the island on your own either by foot or by bike: walk around the small town of Sørland, head for Røssnesvåg and the lighthouse, cycle along the coast towards Nordland and visit the oldest church in Lofoten that is still in use or pass by the abandoned airport runway. 

The boat will depart again from Værøy at 15:30. The search for wildlife continues on the way back, and our kiosk on board will be open, serving food and drinks. You can choose which place you want to disembark on the returning departure: Å, Reine or Hamnøy. You could also choose to stay overnight on Værøy and return the next day.

 What to wear & bring with you? 

  • Be prepared for all weather conditions. Bring water and wind-resistant other layers and hiking shoes.
  • If you think you might get seasick, please bring sea-sickness medicine with you and take it at least half an hour before the trip starts. 
  • Bring your camera to capture great memories.