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Whale & Arctic Wildlife Safari with Rigid Inflatable Boat

On this tour, you will experience our comfortable Whale & Arctic Wildlife Safari combined with a ride in Rigid Inflatable Boat.

Prices from 1990 NOK

From mid-October to January, some of the world’s largest mammals visit the coast outside Tromsø to feed on the Atlantic Herring. No other fish plays that large role in feeding the life in the Norwegian Arctic as the Atlantic Herring. 

The most common whale species that migrate to Arctic Norway to feed on this nutritious fish is the Humpback Whales, Killer Whales known as the Orcas, Harbour Porpoise, and sometimes even the Fin Whales. Join us on Whale & Arctic Wildlife Safari and enjoy a near encounter of the feast at sea.

You will join us on the regular Whale and Arctic Wildlife Safari on the main ship leaving Tromsø. Before we reach the area where the whales usually are, it's time to change clothes and dress warmly before embarking on the RIB boat for the real Arctic near encounter experience with these beautiful and fascinating big mammals.



Step by step schedule of the package showing all activities and accommodations, view it here on the web or click the link on the right to download it to your device.

08:45 Tromsø Harbour - Kystens Hus

09:00 - 16:00

The destinations we decide to go to on the tour will differ from day to day. The tour schedule is based on the weather conditions and the probability to observe the whales.

Comfortable & warm lounge, lavatories & several outside decks. 

We will serve coffee, tea on board the ship. It is possible to buy snacks onboard the ship or bring along your own.

In Norway, you may experience all sorts of weather. We recommend dressing according to the season and in layers so you can adjust your clothing to the weather conditions. We advise to bring along wind & waterproof outer layers and warm shoes. 

If you need an extra layer, you can borrow a winter overall suit from us. 

While on the RIB you will be provided with insulating overall suits, balaclava, goggles. We recommend bringing an extra pair of gloves and waterproof winter boots.