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Snowmobile Safari - Hunting the northern lights

Are you ready to catch the arctic wind?Snowhotel Kirkenes offer Snowmobile excursions with several departures every day. Guided by an expert driver, you will get the chance to drive your own snowmobile into the arctic wilderness to find the northern lights.Perfect for couples, who want to share a skidoo and switch driving.
Prices from 2700

Learn how to drive this classic and vital northern vehicle

From its invention, the snowmobile has been as important as the car in northern Scandinavia, and Kirkenes. The sami embraced it first, for reindeer herding, and others soon saw its use for means of travel and transportation. Snowhotel Kirkenes has provided snowmobile tours for a long time, and we have the experience and knowledge to offer a snowmobile adventure worthy of your maybe once in a lifetime Norway or Europe winter holiday. Riding a snowmobile can be challenging, but with professional guides, with intimate insight of arctic nature and conditions and new, state-of the-art skidoos, you will be perfectly safe on the snowmobile safari, and at the same time you will have FUN!

Explore the northern Norwegian tundras

The centre of guided snowmobile tours may still be Lapland, Finland, but you haven`t been on a proper snowmobile holiday until you tried Kirkenes, by the border of Russia. Here you are truly on top of the world. The unique, diverse arctic landscape makes a surreal experience, and the Snowmobile is the perfect means to the reach deep into the wild of the northern frontier. Frozen fjords, a trademark of northern Norway, sparse tundra that reaches for miles and miles, the majestic pine forest and frozen lakes of the Pasvik valley. These will all be your highway, when you mount the skidoo for our Snowmobile safari, to complete your total winter adventure.

Discover the magic

And if the northern lights should make their appearance, you will truly be spellbound by the north, we promise. As a romantic resort, we have had our share of proposals and even weddings in our ice hotel, but we dare boast it is even more magic in middle of the arctic mountains, with lady aurora waving above, filling the star sprinkled arctic sky with her green veil. 


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