King Crab Safari

A Snowhotel Classic. The Package

King Crab and Snowhotel. A bucket list adventure. To stay in the Snowhotel is a must among Arctic challenges.

1 night. 2 activities
Prices from 5500 NOK

Sleep in a hotel completely made from ice and snow. Climb into a sleeping bag surrounded by blue, beautiful, artistic, sculptured ice. Feel warm and safe and have access to hot showers, great food and a sauna if you like.

Activity 1. King Crab Safari. People travel the world for this experience. We go snowmobiling for a couple of minutes to catch our meal and our guide prepare the crab the perfect way. No nonsense. No sauce. Nothing but fresh crab, straight from the sea cooked to perfection and up on the table. OK. We do have white bread, mayonnaise and lemon. Our tools are our hands, a scissor and paper towels to keep us clean. That's all. This is a promise: You will never, ever have a fresher and more tasty King Crab meal.

Activity 2. The Snowhotel. Do the tour and see all the amazing ice sculptures. Enjoy the sauna if you like or just hang out in the Icebar or the normal lounge inside. Have a 3-course dinner. Go to bed... in the Snowhotel

The Night. Is Activity number 2 - to sleep in the Snowhotel is an adventure


Package itinerary

Step by step schedule of the package showing all activities and accommodations, view it here on the web or click the link on the right to download it to your device.

Meeting place: Kirkenes Airport.

Meeting time: 11:15.

Duration to Snowhotel: 15 min.

Meeting place: The Gabba restaurant at Snowhotel Kirkenes.

Meeting time: 13:00.

Duration to the tour: 3,5 hrs.

What to wear & bring with you: Our guides will provide you with warm winter clothing - winter overall suits, boots, hat & mittens. However, we recommend dressing in warm winter clothing and in layers so you can adjust your clothing to the weather. 

King Crab Safari: Together with other guests, you will sit back in the sledge pulled by a snowmobile and enjoy the ride while your guide & professional fishermen will be steering the snowmobile. 

Food & beverage: In the Snowhotels restaurant there is coffee and tea available at any time and during the King Crab Safari approximately at 14:30 you will be served King Crab meal. It is possible to buy snacks at the restaurant or bring your own snacks with you.

Facilities: Restaurant and lounge, changing room, lavatories.

Meeting place: The Gabba restaurant at Snowhotel Kirkenes.

Meeting time: 17:00.

Duration to the tour: 1,5 hrs.

Snowhotel visit: After the King Crab Safari, you will have a tour in the Snowhotel where you will see the 14 stunning ice suites, all carved by master ice and snow artists, and have a drink in the jaw-dropping ice bar.

Food & beverage: 3-course dinner at the restaurant.

Facilities: Restaurant and lounge, changing room, lavatories.

Overnight at Snowhotel Kirkenes: You will be staying overnight in one of the Snowhotels rooms. Before to call it a night, we will present to you on how to tuck yourself in a thermal sleeping bag to stay warm and comfortable through the night. 

Breakfast: Continental style.

Location: Snowhotel restaurant - main restaurant.

Meeting time: 10 min before departure.