Snowhotel 365 Entrance excl. Transfer

Welcome to Snowhotel Kirkenes 365!As the first hotel completely made of snow and ice, we proudly present that we are open 365 days! Enter a real life winter wonderland, all seasons of the year. Whether you are experiencing the white winter world, the green summer or the orange and yellow autumn, the frozen wonder of the Snowhotel will be waiting for you,
Prices from 300 NOK

In our park reindeer are grazing peacefully on one hand, and 180 happy huskies and puppies playing on the other. Straight ahead, our magical ice hotel sits, with the fjord behind, and the unbelievably cosy hobbit-like Cabins spread in the hillside above. Your arctic fairy tale is about to come true.  

The perfect arctic holiday

The Snowhotel day visit is a must if you are stopping by Kirkenes on your arctic holiday. Even if you don`t have the chance to sleep in our igloo hotel or Northern Light Cabins, this is a great opportunity to experience our winter world for a few hours.

Get a close view of arctic animals:

Meet the white reindeer Gabba and his three friends, and feed them with their favorite food - lichen. Visit our husky farm with alaskan huskies and puppies, and pet all 180 of them. 

Stop by Gabba Café, our authentic wooden sami hut. Warm yourself by the open fire, and get a hot drink, lunch or pastry. Here you can also get a unique lapland memory from our souvenir shop. 

Enjoy an unforgettable 3 course dinner in the magnificent Låven restaurant. If you book the Snowhotel visit and dinner afternoon program, an unforgettable evening awaits you in our farmhouse restaurant. A great arctic meal and view is guaranteed, and a guest visit from the Northern Lights is not unlikely, and in summer you can wait for the midnight sun.

Last but not least, visit the unreal Snowhotel.

See the 14 stunning ice suites, all carved by master ice and snow artists, and have a drink in the jawdropping icebar.

We wish a warm welcome to guests from all over the world, and especially those who haven`t experienced snow and real winter before. 

And if you arrive out of winter season, you will have a summer window into Winter Wonderland.