Reine Rorbuer

Reine Rorbuer

By the iconic Reinefjorden, you can find the idyllic Reine Rorbuer.


Reine Rorbuer is located in the heart of Reine, with access to one of the most beautiful Fjords in the world. A scenery filled with impressive mountains and a breathtaking panoramic view. 

All of our 39 cabins, 1 room, and 2 apartments are newly restored and combine the atmosphere of their old use as fishermen's dwellings with modern comfort. All cabins, or 'Rorbuer' as they are called, have their own bathroom and nearly all have fully equipped kitchen for those who want to prepare their own freshly caught fish. Wi-fi available in all cabins

The restaurant «Gammelbua», were once upon a time the old Krambua on Reine.

The building is dated to the late 18th century. The charming restaurant has a fireplace and the atmosphere takes you back in time. The outdoor seating lets you enjoy the grand scenery in all its glory.



Address: Reine Rorbuer, N-8390 Reine