Reindeer Sledding & Northern Lights

Reindeer Sledding & Northern Lights

Try reindeer sledding, the oldest form of transportation in the north, and enjoy the untouched Arctic nature while the Aurora could be dancing right over your head!
Prices from 1695 NOK
Enjoy the peace and quiet from the nature around as you relax on a sled gently pulled by a reindeer. According to Saami people, the northern lights have a sound. Sit quiet and listen - maybe you can hear it too! The natural wonders can sometimes be predicted but never guaranteed. The lack of urban light pollution allows you to thoroughly enjoy the splendors of the night sky.

After the sledding adventure you can enter the reindeer enclosure and participate in the daily feeding of a herd of 300 reindeer.
Afterwards you can enjoy a traditional hot Sámi meal, see and learn about Sámi artifacts and hear stories. Should the Auroral activity be remarkable we will spend more time outdoors and reduce the cultural part. The camp is established and run by authentic Sámi people with long reindeer-herding traditions.

* All animals used for these services are trained for the activity, however, the behavior of animals can be unpredictable and therefore it is essential that all participants follow all given instructions for their safety, and the safety of others.
* The sledding takes place as a "raid" where each reindeer and sled are bound together in a long row with the lead reindeer in the front.
* Sleds are shared, two participants on one sled.
* Alternative: The Reindeer Sledding is subject to snow and if weather conditions don't allow us to run the sled-ride we will offer you a partial refund.

Number of participants: Up to 50.
Not suitable for wheel-chair as the snow/terrain make it difficult to maneuvre around the location.
Duration: 4-5 hours

• Scenic transfers (45 min each way)
• Knowledgable English-speaking Sámi guide
• Thermal winter suit, warm boots, hat and mittens
• Reindeer sledding (approx. 30 min)
• Storytelling
• Hot traditional Sámi meal (bithos) and hot drinks. Vegetarian option available on request.

What to bring:
• Camera

Latest meeting time and place: 17:50 (5.50pm) at Radisson Blu Hotel, Sjøgata 7
Departure time and place: 18:00 (6pm) from Radisson Blu Hotel

After getting picked up at the departure location you will head on to the scenic landscapes at the edge of Tromsø, 45 km from the city center. This mountainous area close to the Lyngen Alps is home to magnificent coastal sceneries and idyllic villages.


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