Polar Fishing Adventure from Tromsø - 3 hours

Fishing Adventure from Tromsø

Catch your very own fish on our 3-hour fishing cruise.

Prices from 1300 NOK

Norway wouldn’t be the country as it is today if it would not be for the Atlantic cod and other great fish! 

Experience some of Norway's traditions, landscapes and tastes on our 3 hours Fishing Tour from Tromsø. Departing Tromsø harbour, we set the direction to the places at sea with the best weather conditions and the best chances to catch a fish - which we afterwards prepare for our delicious fish soup. The most common fish to catch in the sounds near Tromsø is the world-famous Codfish & the fast, strong and agile Saithe. If luck strikes you, your lure might attract the beautiful Haddock or the tiger of the sea - the Mackerel.

Experience the excitement to catch your very own fish with us - 3 hours will be more than enough to have exciting fishing experience and enjoy the beautiful scenery.



Step by step schedule of the package showing all activities and accommodations, view it here on the web or click the link on the right to download it to your device.

14:45 outside the entrance of Scandic Ishavshotel.

15:00 - 18:00

The ship has an outdoor deck and warm salon and toilets. 

During the fishing tour, you will be served a fish soup, and you can help yourself with coffee and tea anytime.

In Northern Norway, you may experience all sorts of weather. We recommend dressing according to the season and in layers so you can adjust your clothing to the weather conditions. We advise to bring along wind & waterproof outer layers & warm shoes. 

If you need an extra layer, you can borrow a winter overall suit from us. 

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