Northern Lights Visit - Own Car

Northern Lights Visit - Own Car

Visit Camp Tamok for an unforgettable Northern Lights evening with your own car!Have you ever dreamed of experiencing the mystical Northern Lights? Join Lyngsfjord Adventure for a comfortable Northern Lights evening at our wilderness centre Camp Tamok, a 75-minute scenic drive from downtown Tromso in Northern Norway.
Prices from 1050

The right settings to experience the Aurora at its best include a good location, starry sky, solar storms and sitting by the fire watching the northern sky. As an alternative to chasing the Northern Lights by bus until the early hours of the morning, our Northern Lights evenings at Camp Tamok offer a comfortable, personal and authentic experience within a fixed timeframe. 

Camp Tamok is surrounded by untouched wilderness, providing exclusive access to the darkness far removed from the bright city lights. Furthermore, it is situated in a different climate zone that offers more stable weather and likeliness of clear sky. An evening at Camp Tamok provides the freedom to enjoy the evening outdoors, skygazing or keeping warm around an open fire in a reindeer herder’s tent. Camp Tamok combines traditional buildings with modern facilities like flushing toilets.

Upon arrival at Camp Tamok, you will be provided warm winter clothing and a thorough presentation about the Aurora Borealis and how to photograph this natural phenomenon. We will also serve a hot meal in a traditional North Norwegian setting around the open fire. This is a hassle-free option as you can enjoy a hotmeal at the camp and will be back in Tromso by midnight.

If the sky is starry at Camp Tamok, we will take you on a short hike near our wilderness centre to stay warm and experience different settings to photograph the Northern Lights. If the sky is cloudy or there is no sign of the Northern Lights, you will still have good value for your money. 

Whether you see this amazing spectacle or not, a trip to Camp Tamok is an adventure in itself. The dark and silent surroundings provide a genuine Arctic atmosphere. Please note that the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and they can appear early in the evening or late at night. If spotting the Northern Lights is your main aim, we recommend booking an overnight package combined with other activities. This is an adventure not to be missed!

Meeting place: Camp Tamok, Tamokveien 1374, 9334 Øverbygd

Meeting time:18:15 to 18:30

Duration of the tour: you will be at Camp Tamok for 4.5 hr. During this time you will do the preparations, get instructions, stargazing, get a hot meal and relaxing time at the camp.

For guests not staying overnight the departure time from the camp is at 22:30


  • English-speaking guide
  • Winter overall suit, boots, mittens, hat
  • Tripod, headlamp
  • Hot meal and hot drinks