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Northern Lights Chase by Bus (6-8 hours)

Join us for a northern lights chase as we drive up to 2.5 hours (300km) away from the city center to escape the light pollution and find clear skies. 

Prices from 950 NOK

The purpose of the budget-friendly tour is to provide our guests with the opportunity to join a northern lights tour without breaking the wallet. Our guides are highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge of the northern lights. We will take portrait photos that are included in this tour.

Once we find clear skies, we will serve hot drinks along with biscuits as we wait for the northern lights to occur. Of course, we can’t offer any guarantees since the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon. Still, we promise to use all our experience to maximize our chances of a successful chase!

Note: In case you do not see aurora on your tour, you may book a second tour at 50% discount.


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