Midnight Adventure by RiB

Midnight Adventure by RiB

Departing Tromsø by a rigid inflatable boat - known as a RIB, we will set the course to North West to the idyllic island Gåsvær. From here, the view toward the north is undisturbed, and we will see the Sun that never sets - The Midnight Sun.
Prices from 1200 NOK

Harbour seals are often seen popping their heads up from the water, and if we are lucky, we might also see the small harbour porpoise. Cormorants, the white-tailed eagles, puffins, guillemots, theists, and European storm petrels are a common sight in our area.

If the weather and the tide allow it, on the way back from Gåsvær, we will stop at a lovely place called Risvika, where the Family Risvik has been farming and fishing for many generations.

Our summer activity partner Tromsø Friluftsenter is conducting this tour and will expect you in from of the Radisson Blue Hotel 10 minutes before departure.

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