Majestic Reinefjorden Evening Cruise

Majestic Reinefjorden Evening Cruise

Join us on this evening cruise to experience the sunset or midnight sun in Lofoten in the area between Å, Reine, Hamnøy and Reienfjord
Prices from 398 NOK

We will explore the beautiful fjords of Reinefjord, Kjerkfjord, and Forsfjord who is surrounded by the mighty mountains of Olstind, Seiltind, and Reienbingen wich rises to the skies over 1000 meters from above sea surface.  

On board you experience some of the most beautiful scenery I Lofoten, and if we are lucky, we can meet orcas on the hunt for herrings or mackerel at the fjord, we can even spot seals, eagles and puffins in the area. 

We recommend to bring your camera to capture the magical light, the nature, steep mountains, high waterfalls and authentic buildings. In the evening the fjord is often come and you can capture the mountains mirror itself in the surface of the sea. 

Onboard we will have an open kiosk that serves light meals and something to drink.  

What to wear & bring with you? 

In Norway you may experience all sorts of weather. We recommend dressing according to the season and in layers so you can adjust your clothing to the weather conditions.  

If you think you might get seasick, please bring sea-sickness medicine with you and take it at least half an hour before the trip starts. 

Bring your camera to capture great memories