Kirkenes Homevisit

Kirkenes Homevisit

Meet the locals - in their homes! Kirkenes is an interesting place, both in terms of geography, culture and history. The Kirkenes district has only 10 000 people (the same amount as reindeer) in an area the size of a small country.

Prices from 600 NOK

Placed in a border triangle of Norway, Russia and Finland, our region is a melting pot of these cultures, in addition to Sami influences. Northern Norwegians are hospitable people and now they invite guests from around the world in for a cup of coffee and a chat. Through this visit you will have the chance to see what makes the Northern people tick and discuss the Norwegian lifestyle with your host. You have a unique opportunity to ask questions and learn about the culture and everyday life in the north.

What does the home of a Northerner look like? Why do they hang lamps in the windows? How do they survive the polar night? What do people work with and what do we do in our free time? Our idea with the home visit program is that: yes, seeing the sights and hearing about the local culture on guided tours is nice, but – isn`t it even better meeting the locals in real life and finding out the answers directly?

Step inside!

Note! Transfers are not included in this tour. You will receive the address of the local residence sent to your mobile phone/e-mail, and for transfer you can use taxis, local shuttle buses, or own car/rental car (not included in the price).



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Meeting place: Somewhere in Kirkenes - you will be given the address after booking

Duration: 2 hours

Meeting time: 13:00


  • Coffee/tea & small snack/pastry 

  • Northern hospitality