King Crab Safari by RIB boat

King Crab Safari by RIB boat

Join our unforgettable King Crab safari in Kirkenes, Northern Norway. Our experienced guides/fishermen will take you on a tour in our open RIB boat to the location for the fishing.

Prices from 1600 NOK
Kirkenes is known as Norways' King Crab capital. Today, this delicacy has become a major export commodity. Originally, this shellfish comes from Russia and can grow as much as 2 meters in diameter and weigh as much as 15 kg. Those we tend to fish here in Kirkenes usually weight around 7 kg.

From 30th of April until 30th of November we use our RIB-boats to reach the location for the fishing. The beginning and the end of the season (the use of snowmobile or RIB-boat) may vary depending on the climate. When the ocean is no longer covered with ice, we use our RIB-boats. The RIB-boat excursion is an action-packed adventure itself. When we have arrived our location you can take pictures of these fascinating creatures. You can also help lift the toes from the sea. The catch of the day will at the end of the tour be served in our rustic boathouse restaurant.

This tour is conducted by Snowhotel Kirkenes


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Address: Sandnesdalen 14, 9910 Bjørnevatn