King Crab Safari, Norwegian Airlines Julekalender new

The red King Crab is not only the biggest, but also the most delicious shellfish you will ever have the chance of tasting. Now it`s time for you to make your own deadliest catch!

There are three things that are a must on an arctic winter holiday

and 3 main reasons people all over the world are visiting Snowhotel Kirkenes: snow, the northern lights and the king crab. On this tour you may combine all of them, if you are lucky.

Size matters

The King crab is a fascinating creature, the same species as the Alaskan king crab, which you may have seen being caught by dauntless fishermen on tv.

The king crab migrated west from Russia in the sixties, and is now a part of the eastern Finnmark marine fauna. They are an extremely robust, ferocious and fast reproducing species, so Norwegian fishermen have had their hands full fishing them, so they wouldn`t threaten the native sea life! 

Now it`s time for you to make your own deadliest catch!

Only this time we will guarantee you are absolutely safe, in the hands of our experienced fishermen and guides. The winter in Kirkenes is cold, but you need not worry about freezing - we will dress you up warmly.

On this exclusive arctic excursion​

We aim to give you the best King crab fishing adventure.

we will take you out on the fjord ice by snowmobile and sleigh to find the great beast. You will step out on the frozen fjord and help the fisherman pull the traps from the deep through the hole in the ice. Maybe the northern lights will flicker across the sky as you get a picture taken with the biggest catch of the tour? It would not be uncommon, as every day is a potential aurora day in the north.

The journey will culminate in a warm, rustic farmhouse restaurant by the fjord, where you will enjoy a feast, served the Norwegian way - fresh, juicy and irresistible! The portions are generous, so no one will leave the table hungry.