Kickstart Romsdalen  – gondola and guided mountain walk

Kickstart Romsdalen – gondola and guided mountain walk

Large amounts of Åndalsnes’ and Romsdalens history has been preserved through books, ancient mountain artifacts and stories about people and their lives, being passed from generation to generation. Dive into the regions history and culture together with one of our local guides - and pick up some tips for how to blend in with the locals in their favourite mountain spots.

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Combine a spectacular gondola ride with a tour on the mountain together with a local guide. From mount Nesaksla you can overlook Romsdalen in every direction – and it is therefore the perfect area to get a proper introduction to the interesting history and mountaineering culture of the region. The guide will take you up with the gondola and on a walk around the top of the mountain. You will be walking on a prepared gravel path, and will be offered a good mix of stories from the region, ranging from 1800-history to current events. If you are lucky you might learn about a few secret, secluded spots where you can find inner peace among majestic mountains.

This guided activity includes a return gondola ticket. The Romsdalen Gondola is this years' experience, a shortcut to the fantastic fjord and mountain views of Romsdalen. A state-of-the-art electric cable car, Norway´s first gondola built on principles of sustainability. It takes you 708 height meters from the fjord and up to the mountain Nesaksla, located right above the town of Åndalsnes, surrounded by the famous Romsdalen mountains. The gondola ride is approx. 5 min long. 
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Meeting Place:

Romsdalsgondolen, Jernbanegata 1, 6300 Åndalsnes

Meeting Time:


  • Return gondola ticket
  • a local guide.

We recommend you to wear comfortable outdoor clothing and mountain shoes. With risk of rain, please wear a rain jacket and a warm jumper. It is always a good idea to bring a hat and a scarf.

1-2 hours

Minimum age: 11 yrs

Minimum amount of participants: 2 people (single traveler can join if more than 2 pax have booked)