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Ice Fishing

Will this be your lucky day?

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Sink your line through the fjord ice and wait for the bite. With thousands of lakes throughout the unspoilt nature and the Arctic sea at our doorstep, Kirkenes is one of the best places in Norway for fishing trips. On the Snowhotel guided ice fishing trip, we will dress you up warmly, and head out by snowmobile sleigh to the frozen fjord.

Your fisherman guide will drill a hole through the thick ice, as you prepare your fishing gear. In the fjord, there are numerous types of fish; we have even caught salmon! But the most common catch is cod - Norway's number one fish, and as essential to the economy as oil or hydropower. 

On winter travel to Norway, ice fishing should definitely be on your schedule!

In northern Norway, the hunter/gatherer lifestyle still lives strong, as we like to pick, hunt or fish our food. Finnmark, and the Kirkenes region, is bountiful with numerous edible berries and plants, and wild game. Not least, there is plenty of fish.

In a land that is frozen for half the year, we must often resort to serious measures to catch our food. Fishing is the way of life for a lot of people in the North, not only for survival but also for leisure in summer and winter.

Especially winter ice fishing is popular, and around Easter time, when the weather gets milder, you may see locals on skis and snowmobiles all over the mountain lakes, rod in hand, fishing for trout, char, perch or pike.

Now you can take part in this ancient northern tradition.



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