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Husky Wagon

Huskies on wheels!With our new wagons we bring the dogsled experience to summer.You get your own pack of huskies and a musher to drive you around in the scenic area by the fjord. And yes, there will also be plenty of time to cuddle!Let`s go for a ride!
Prices from 1000 NOK

Welcome to Kirkenes, by the border of Russia, on top of the world! Regardless if you come by plane, bus or Hurtigruten cruise, you probably had your share of sightseeing and museums on your arctic summer vacation. So instead, visit our camp in Sandnesdalen, and meet our huskies, puppies and reindeer! 

Enjoy arctic summer life

We will pick you up from Hurtigruten harbor, or your hotel in Kirkenes, and take you to the Snowhotel Kirkenes summer camp in the idyllic Sandnesdalen, by the mountains and fjords of northern Norway. Meet our 4 reindeer, and feed them with their favorite food - tundra lichen. Visit our husky farm and meet our 180 friendly huskies and adorable puppies.

Our Alaskan Huskies

love to run, and they go all winter. In summer time, when it is too warm to run, they like to chill out and relax after the hectic winter season. Luckily, the summers in Kirkenes are often cool, so we have the chance of training our dogs for the winter season.

Now you can take part in the training, driving a Husky Wagon!