Hunting the Northern Lights by Husky (pkg discount test)

Hunting the Northern Lights by Husky (pkg discount test)

A seasoned musher will take you by dogsled to the arctic fjord and tundra, to search for the northern lights. Travel naturally by dog power, with only the sound of the snow, the huskies and the arctic wind

Our huskies are ready to run!

Go for a 5 km ride along the fjord in the scenic Sandnesdalen, only in full winter.

Nature covered by snow, a frozen fjord beneath you, a team of strong huskies in front, and a beautiful star studded sky above. If you are lucky, maybe the northern lights will make an appearance?

Can you hear the call of the wild?​

The Snowhotel Kirkenes Husky Safari has become a well known arctic adventure, since we started up with dogsled tours 10 years ago.​The professional mindset, the deep care for our dogs, the passionate dog mushers and most of all, our 140 strong and beautiful alaskan huskies, has made us one of the most popular and reputable husky ventures north of the arctic circle.

Hunting the Northern Lights by Husky

Go further into the wilderness, for a full arctic dog sledding adventure.

Venture into the wild

See the breathtaking arctic nature surrounding Kirkenes. As opposed to the pine forests of Rovaniemi and Finnish lapland, in Kirkenes you find the sparse and majestic arctic landscapes, with mountain plateaus, white tundra and long fjords, which are typical of Finnmark and Northern Norway.

Best of all, you get to enjoy these natural nordic wonders without engine noise and gasolin smell - your husky team will pull you there the traditional and environmental way.

Travel by Dog Power

Our alaskan huskies need neither fuel nor incentive -they live to run. Huskies are a hardy breed, bred for both surviving harsh arctic climates, and running over long distances.

The alaskan husky is the athlete of all dog breeds, and on a crisp winter day, it can go for hours. And when you visit the Snowhotel husky farm, you will realise it is not just about capacity - they love dog sledding more than anything in the world!

Make new friends

Another great feature of the alaskan husky is its temper. They have a trusting and friendly disposition to people. They may seem fierce at first, but once you make the bond, you will experience the warmth of these fantastic animals. That is why we also have an open dogyard where our guests can get to know all our dogs and puppies. Prepare to cuddle!