Hiking with huskies in the beautiful Sandnesdalen incl. dinner

At our site at the Snowhotel Kirkenes more than 180 huskies are waiting eagerly to greet you! On this hiking tour you will get your own husky for the day while hiking in the mountains in the beautiful Sandnesdalen. At the end of the tour you will be served a delicious meal at our restaurant.
Prices from 900
Kirkenes is surrounded by wilderness which stretches out for miles and miles in every direction. If you are stying in the Kirkenes city centre, we will pick you up from your hotel (Scandic/Thon). Then we'll drive you to the Snowhotel Kirkenes summer camp in the idyllic Sandnesdalen surrounded by mountains and fjords. Our summer camp has four reindeers that you can feed with their favorite food - tundra lichen.

We will show you around in the dog yard, and you will be able to pick our your dog for the day. The terrain we will be hiking in is easy, and not to steep, so this is an excursion suitable to almost all. If you get tired, your strong husky are more than willing to give you a pull!

During the tour we willl rest, and admire the breathtaking views. We build a fire at the campsite, by the remains of a world war 2 plane, and grill reindeer sausages - northern Norwegian touring style. Our knowledgeable guides will learn you more about the Alaskan huskies, and answer ay questions you may have.

When arriving back at the Snowhotel Kirkenes, you will be served a 3 course dinner in our restaurant by the fjord.