Join a trip across Romsdalseggen together with local guides who know every path & rock. The trip starts from Åndalsnes centre where you take the Romsdalseggen bus up to the starting point in Vengjedalen, which takes about 20 minutes.
Prices from 1500 NOK
The start goes up along the river with proud Vengetind on our left side and Romsdalshorn a little further ahead.

Blånebba is the name of the mountain directly opposite, which we do not force as part of Normalruta, but we recommend taking the extra trip of about 1 hour if shape and weather conditions allow. (For those who want to climb/climb, we can also adapt the trip by starting by forcing Blånebba and then follow the Normal Route further after the meeting point at the top)

We usually take the last water filling at the new bridge up in the first slope, and then continue a gentle section before we push the first stone clock section towards the first peak. From here and into the top-down towards Åndalsnes centre, we push unique sections with Trollveggen along our left side, Isterdalen with Bispen, Kongen and Dronninga, and the sea out from Åndalsnes towards Molde. On our right side, we see Isfjorden with Kirketaket as the most famous peak.

The tour is secured with chains on all exposed parts all the way, and together with the experienced guides, you get a safe ride with spectacular views all the way.

When we reach Aksla, the top-down towards Åndalsnes, we walk the brand new path where our Sherpa friends have laid stone upon stone to give us the most comfortable and safe stone staircase down to Rampestreken where we can go out "in the air" and look out over Romsdalen. (selfie place no. 1). Furthermore, we follow the path with stone staircases down to the centre of Åndalsnes where food, drinks and shops with unique products are waiting to serve us further.

Surrounded by the wild Romsdalsfjella and a view towards Romsdalsfjorden, this will be a hiking experience in spectacular surroundings.
Tempo and steepness are adjusted according to the level of the group, and professional locally known guides are the guarantee for an educational introduction to the sport with a focus on safety in the mountains.


Meeting point