Full Steam

Full Steam Experience

Full Steam Experience is a journey through the fishing history in Norway with good stories and flavours of Skrei - the word famous Cod Fish.

We will present flavours of real caviar from Skrei, snacks of cod skin, cod tongue and cheeks, real cod liver oil and last but not least our soon world-famous Tromstoddy which consists of 60% liquor with cod liver oil as mixing water.

We drink this drink to honour the Cod that has meant everything to Norway. Our storyteller tells the story from boat to export, Stockfish and Cod Liver Oil important significance for the nation of Norway.

The entire Full Steam show takes place in completely real premises from 1902 - the Bangsund wharf. The fishery/factory from 1902 is still serving its right element. Here we convey the Troms region to its ancient fishing history and until the early 1900s. You will see, hear, touch, and taste the story. We guide you through the important story of Skreifisket in Troms county, from boat to export, the history of the dry fish, and the important role of cod liver oil.