CBIS 6841692

Fjord Cruise and Five Senses

Head out on a cruise around Tromso.

Set sail from Tromsø city center at 9 am accompanied by a knowledgeable, English-speaking guide who will give you an introduction to the local history and culture. You will see the beautiful Norwegian landscapes and mountains, the local wildlife (if you are lucky you can spot eagles, dolphins and even seals), learn it all about the weather and the arctic eco system, the war and the Viking history, industries like fishing and aquaculture.

The route will depend on the weather, we will pass by Ramfjord, Kvalsund or Straumsfjorden and try to show you Olavsvern (an old royal Norwegian submarine base). During the winter, we will show you Ramfjord and the beautiful views around. You can also relax in our outdoor jacuzzi and sauna onboard (subject to boat availability).

After the boat part of the trip, conclude with a 1 hour guided visit in the museum-restaurant Full Steam, on land, in Tromsø, with a tasting experience, where you will learn all about the culture of codfish in Norway and around the world. There you will also be able to taste some delicacies like caviar, dry codfish skin and codfish liver oil.

We can use one of our 3 boats: MS Aurora Explorer (max. 144 pax), MS Leone (max 12 pax), MS Strønstad (max 30 pax). The boat used is determined by the number of people booked in the day itself.

Possibility of Jacuzzi and Sauna: Leone boat has jacuzzi onboard and Strønstad has jacuzzi and sauna onboard that you can use and enjoy, just bring your swim wear (we provide you towels for free). In case you wish to use the jacuzzi, please email us forehand to [email protected] letting us know, so we can have it ready for you.

Keep in mind that the weather in the arctic can be rough some days. If you think you might get seasick, please bring sea-sickness medicine with you and take it half an hour before the trip starts.