Early bird guided hike to Rampestreken and Eggen Restaurant

Early bird guided hike to Rampestreken and Eggen Restaurant

Early bird gets the worm! Hike to Rampestreken in sunrise, breakfast in Eggen Restaurant before opening hours and return with the Romsdalen Gondola. A unique mountain experience while the rest of Romsdalen is asleep.

Prices from 1450

This is your chance to fill the untouched morning hours with magic. Come along with one of our local gudies to a hike in the sunrise. When passing Rampestreken, you get to enjoy the popular attraction all by yourself, and you can use all the time you need to get the perfect picture.  

Meet the guide outside the fjord station of Romsdalsgondolen, in the cente of Åndalsnes, at 06.30am. Walk together up to the starting point of the hike, and begin the climb up the mountain. It is a steep hike, but the guide will make several stops and set the speed according to the group. After approx. 1,5 hour of hiking you will arrive at Rampestreken. 

From here, it remains approx. 20 minutes hike to the top of Nesaksla. Eggen Rstaurant awaits you, ready with a warm coffee and good breakfast. Relax and enjoy the view. When you are ready, enter the Romsdalen Gondola and take the easy way back down to Åndalsnes.

Meeting place: 

Romsdalsgondolen, Jernbanegata 1, 6300 Åndalsnes 

Meeting time:  



3-4 hours

What to wear & bring with you: 

We recommend you to wear comfortable outdoor clothing and hiking shoes. Dress according to the weather, and it is always a good idea to bring a hat and a scarf. Please bring enough water, and it is also a good idea to bring a banana or an energy bar. Even though breakfast is waiting for you on the top, we strongly advise you to eat breakfast before starting the hike as well. 

Minimum 11 years of age.