Autumn Fjords and Northern Lights

Autumn Fjords and Northern Lights

Visiting the world of fascinating fjords in northern Norway during the Autumn Lights is a once in a lifetime experience.


With our expedition ship "QUEST", we invite you to travel along the Nordic coast through the archipelago of Lofoten, often referred to as one of the worlds most beautiful destinations, in search of the Northern Lights and whales - the gentle giants of the seas.

This is a journey that one will never forget.

Day 1 Tromsø: Embarkation
Day 2 Reisa – Hamnes: Wildlife
Day 3 Lyngen – Kvænangen: Hike
Day 4 Senja: Ånderdalen Nationalpark
Day 5 Å i Lofoten, Nusfjord, Henningsvær: Aurora and culture
Day 6 Trollfjord - Raftesund : Nature-White tailed eagles
Day 7 Vesterålen/Andenes - Sommarøy: Whale and Aurora
Day 8 Tromsø: Disembark

Travel dates

16.10.2021 – 23.10.202123.10.2021 – 30.10.202130.10.2021 – 06.11.202106.11.2021 – 13.11.202113.11.2021 – 20.11.2021

What`s included

  • Expedition cruise in the booked cabin category
  • All shore and zodiac experiences during the cruise (zodiac tours and locations are decided on the spot based on which dates and locations have the best weather conditions)
  • Experienced expedition crew and lecturer team on board
  • Informative lectures on flora, fauna and the region
  • Full board on board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Tea and coffee station onboard (available 24 hours)
  • On loan rubber boots for onshore expeditions
  • All port taxes, all local taxes



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The "Paris of the North" welcomes you in the autumn lights with the lights of a modern city north of the Arctic Circle. At the port, QUEST is ready for embarkation. The journey starts in the evening as QUEST sails under the Troms' bridge towards the north, past the striking Arctic Cathedral. On the journey through the inner passage in the Grøtsundet fjord, we try our chances to hunt the Northern Lights in the sky for the first time. The first night onboard is spent in Reisafjorden.


  • Welcoming on board
  • Cruising past the famous Ishavkatedral in Tromsø
  • Chance to witness the northern lights

The outer Reisafjorden is a playground for whales. With the breaking light right in the morning, keep an eye out for the giant mammals of the seas. At this time of the year, the killer whales (orcas) and humpback whales follow the huge herring currents and can often be spotted in these waters.

In the afternoon, the QUEST heads to Havnnes - the northernmost trading post in Norway, which is still in operation today. Experience the lively culture and spectacular nature on the south coast of the island of Uløya, which is located at the mouth of the wide Lyngenfjord. The QUEST will be anchored at the pier in Havnnes for the night, offering a great chance of observing the Aurora in the dark sky clear of any light pollution. 


  • Searching for orcas and humpback whales Havnes northernmost trading post in Norway
  • Chance to witness the northern lights

Today is Expedition Day! Explore the beautiful area of Kvenangen and Lyngenfjord, surrounded by high mountain ranges and glaciers, deep gorges and the Lyngen Alps, some of whose rugged peaks rise to 1,833 meters. Here you can find the home of diverse bird and animal species. If you are lucky, you can still witness whales along with dolphins, otters, and white-tailed eagles. Furthermore, the climate here improves the chances of witnessing the magical Northern Lights dancing in the sky. There will also be a possibility of going on a mountain hike (or snowshoe hike based on snow conditions) in an impressive mountain world during the day.


  • Witness the landscapes of Lyngenfjord Mountain expedition hike or snowshoe hike (weather pending)
  • Chance to witness the northern lights

A pearl of the North is waiting for you today: the island of Senja with the National Park Ånderdalen. You can expect untouched natural diversity and the local wildlife on the island: with a bit of luck, you can find hares, moose and red foxes in natural surroundings. The small and sheltered fishing village of Skrolsvik is picturesque and offers good opportunities for guided hiking tours in the national park and observing reindeer.


  • Guided hiking tour & Wildlife sighting in Ånderdalen National Park – Senja
  • Chance to witness the northern lights

In the morning, we reach the archipelago of Lofoten. The shifting in seasons of Lofoten presents itself in thousands of colours – a spectacle of different contrasts and tones. This experience is much stronger at night when the flickering Northern Lights are reflected from the sky in the water. This area offers an enchanting landscape, full of tranquillity and scenic points. The small fishing village of Å is one of the highlights of the island world, nestled in a backdrop of rugged mountain peaks rising from the sea. Not any less eye-catching is the village of Nusfjord, famous for its unique location. Take a short walk by the shore and let yourself feel the unique atmosphere of this time of the year. In the evening, it is planned to dock at the pier in Henningsvær and thus have optimal conditions for photographing the Aurora Borealis.


  • Lofoten Archipelago Exploring the famous fishing village of Henningsvær on foot Chance to witness the northern lights.

Henningsvær also called the "Venice of the North", is the most famous fishing village of the Lofoten. In this season, it is the largest cod fishery centre in the world. First, learn what the fishing in Lofoten looked like in the past and how it is done today. Then, continue your sea voyage with the QUEST to the Caribbean-like beaches on the island of Skrova. Later, another highlight awaits you: a visit to the famous Trollfjord. You will not get so close to the towering rocks anywhere else when QUEST glides along the 1,000-metre-high rock walls. Finally, in the spectacular Raftsund, which separates the Lofoten archipelago from the Vesterålen, you can witness white-tailed eagles.


  • Witness the majestic island of Skrova Cruise through Trollfjord & Raftsund
  • Chance to witness the northern lights

In the morning, you wake up in the region around Andenes, at the northern end of the archipelago of the Vesterålen. Andenes is the "whale capital" of Norway. Nowhere else are the chances of encountering the marine mammals in the wild better. In the Andefjord, there are sperm whale males all year round, in addition to humpback whales, fin whales and orcas. QUEST takes you on a whale safari to witness these majestic creatures. The last evening will be spent in the area around the picturesque Sommaøry - hopefully again with the magical Northern Lights. Later, QUEST goes back in the direction of Tromsø.


  • Whale watching around Andenes I Vesterålen
  • Sommarøy island and the coastal islands around Kvaløya
  • Chance to witness the northern lights

Tromsø is once again reached – it is time for the farewell of fellow passengers who have become friends. Thus, a special journey comes to an end, but the memories stay forever.

The route and the land activities depend on the weather, the route of the whales and may differ from the above-described itinerary. The captain, the expedition leader and his team will make the best for the expedition trip from the existing conditions. Their many years of experience is the success of every single trip. Flexibility is the key to a successful expedition cruise.