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Andersgrotta - WW2 Bomb shelter

Visit Andersgrotta –Kirkenes’ largest bomb-shelter, built in 1941. Kirkenes was one of the most strategically important places in Europe during world war 2​.This is why it was one of the most heavily bombed cities in the world during the war.Learn about the life of civilians during war-time. Snowhotel Kirkenes are proud to present one of the best historical attractions in Kirkenes.
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Kirkenes had more than 300 bombing raids from Soviet airplanes, and more than 1000 times during the war years, the Air Raid alarms were sounded. 

Andersgrotta was the refuge of the population throughout the war.

Andersgrotta is constructed beneath the bedrock in the centre of Kirkenes, a brilliantly well hidden location. On this guided sightseeing tour in Andersgrotta you will see a film about Kirkenes in war, based on archive and new recordings. The film is both in English, German and Norwegian.​