CBIS 6699621

2 Nights package - Arctic safari & wilderness experience

This 3 Day & 2 Night Package consist of a 1-night stay in Camp Tamok with Dog Sledding in the evening and Snowmobiling in the daytime and a 1-night stay in Thon Hotel Tromsø with Northern Lights Chase by Minibus and Whale Watching.

If you wish you have the possibility to add more nights & more adventures to this package once at the checkout.

Day 1 Evening - 17:00 Departure for Dog Sledding at Camp Tamok. Meeting at Scandic Ishavshotel 16:45.

Day 1 Evening - 18:30 Arrival at Camp Tamok & Dog Sledding

The tour starts with meeting the guides, dressing up in warm winter gear and meeting the Husky teams. Our guide will go through safety instructions and a practical demonstration. Two people share each sled and dog team. One is the “musher” (driver), and the other can sit back and enjoy the ride. You can switch places midway during the 12 km dog sledding trail. Depending on snow conditions, we will spend approx—1 hr 30 min to complete the trail. 

Day 1 Evening - 20:30 Dinner at Camp Tamok
Day 1 Night - Overnight at Camp Tamok

Day 2 Morning - 08:30 Breakfast 

Day 2 Morning - 10:30 Snowmobiling at Camp Tamok
You meet your guides and dress in warm winter gear and begin the adventure with thorough safety instructions and a practical demonstration at Camp Tamok. The snowmobiling track is about 11 km long, and the lake Finn marks the halfway point of our snowmobiling adventure. You will drive in pairs with one driver and one passenger per snowmobile and plenty of opportunities to switch places during the two-hour snowmobiling.

Day 2 Daytime - 13:30 Lunch
Day 2 Daytime - 14:30 Departure from Camp Tamok
Day 2 Daytime - 16:00 Arrival at Tromsø

Day 2 Evening - Check-in Thon Hotel Tromsø

Day 2 Evening - 19:00 Departure for Northern Lights Chase by Minibus. Meeting time at Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora at 18:30. 

Day 2 Night - 00:00 Arrival from Northern Lights Chase by Minibus & overnight at Thon Hotel Tromsø

Day 3 Morning - 07:30 Breakfast & Check-out.

Day 3 Morning - 09:00 Departure for Whale & Wildlife Safari. Meeting at Kystens Hus at 08:45.

The Duration of Whale Watching Trip can take from 6 - 7 hours. The sailing time to the whale sighting area can be from 1 - 3 hours and vary from day to day, but once we have reached the sight we spend one hour with the whales.

On the way, you can take in the breathtaking views of frozen landscapes in comfortable, warm lounge with panoramic windows. You’ll find a selection of food and drinks for purchase onboard. 

Day 2 Afternoon - 16:00 Return from Whale & Wildlife Safari.