The King Crab is served Kirkenes

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This beautiful image is from Kirkenes and the seating for dinner included in the King Crab Safari with RIB. Check it out - an experience people literally travel around the globe to be a part of. If you like to know more about Snowhotel Kirkenes, included the all year open Snowhotel... READ MORE ABOUT KIRKENES

The idea is to inspire you, but the possibilities are endless...

Lofoten view mountains
MS Strønstad in the sun
Tromsø Summer girl with flowers in her hair
Kirkenes hiking with huskies

Tromsø is the capital of the north and a city to explore and the area around is ideal for activities and experiences of the nature.  Arctic Travel Company provide a variety of possibilities, examples are: Kayak under the midnight-sun. Masterclass in Archery. Mountain hiking. Glacier hiking. Midnight-sun Cruise...

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Summer day&night experiences

  • Tromsø by e-bike
  • Midnight Sun Cruise
  • One night in Thon Hotel Tromsø
  • Stay may be extended by your choice
Tromsø does not sleep midnight sun cruise

Kayak&Bike - all in one day and a night

  • Tromsø surroundings by e-bike
  • A kayak experience in the beautiful surroundings of Tromsø
  • One night in Thon Hotel Tromsø
  • Stay may be extended by your choice
Tromsø kayak

...The said goosebumps where included, and so they were... the glacier trip was just amazing...

Sea to Summit& Glacier

Yromsø hiking

Adventures under the midnight sun

Tromsø midnight sun

Prøv å vandre på en isbre i sommersol. Det er uendelig vakkert

Amazing walks on the Glaciers of the Lyngen Alps

Turen starter fra Tromsø hvor vi henter deg og bringer deg på 1 t 30 min naturskjønn tur til foten av Lyngen Alpene der utgangspunktet for turen vår finner sted. Stien til foten av breen er en moderat fottur opp i en dal og tar omtrent 2 - 2 ½ time, og går gjennom et idyllisk terreng med fjellbeite, skog og elver. Når du er på breen, vil vi utstyre deg med spesialutstyr og gå over sikkerhetsfunksjoner før du setter foten ned på Steindalsbreen.

  • Transport
  • Guide
  • Utstyr for brevandring
  • Varm drikke
Glacier hiking

Stay in busy Svolvær, Lofoten - but cruise in silence

  • Henningsvær After Hike Cruise incl Arctic tapas
  • Silent Cruise in Trollfjorden
  • Both cruises are arranged by Brim Explorer, the sustainable, electric engined alternative.
  • One night at Thon Hotel Lofoten, inc breakfast



Lofoten Trollfjorden
Lyngen Alps

The farther north we go, the brighter the Arctic summer nights become. That means even more time for exploring magnificent surroundings – and even more opportunities to get close to Northern Norwegian nature. The Arctic summer night never stops surprising us, and you can always sleep next winter…

Northern Norway is also the right place for someone who is looking for peace and quiet. In our modern world, the opportunity to take it easy, far from people and noise, is a privilege that’s becoming more and more rare. In Lyngsalpene in Troms, travelers can find both peace and nature experiences – with enough elbow room for most.

This protected landscape is wedged between two snaking fjords, and it encompasses both high peaks, snow-covered glaciers, and hidden valleys. Majestic, alpine mountain formations rise sharply up from the surface of the sea, creating a vista that has fascinated people for thousands of years. Today, visitors can explore the area by foot, or perhaps choose a mountain bike, an ocean kayak, or a kiteboard.

Find your way to one of the many viewpoints at night and enjoy peace of mind as you admire the reflection of the midnight sun in the surrounding fjords. The meeting between the low sun and the gleaming ocean surface creates a rich color symphony you won’t soon forget. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Feel how the warmth of the Arctic sun reaches deep into your heart and soul.

Good tip: remember your camera!

The land of the midnight sun

Midnight sun

Midnight sun is the name of the phenomenon that every year happens north of the Arctic Circle at 66º33′N. Beyond this latitude the sun never quite sets below the horizon during summer, and the farther north you travel, the higher in the sky is the sun at night. That’s why Northern Norway is often called the land of the midnight sun. However, unlike what some tourists hope for, the midnight sun is, in fact, the same sun we see during the day.

To some first-time travelers, falling asleep in the bright “nights” north of the 66th parallel can be a challenge. Dark blankets covering bedroom windows are a common sight – futile attempts at creating something that resemble nighttime. Still, your body soon starts adapting to days that never really end. It’s as if the pace slows down, and your circadian rhythm starts changing. You forget what time it is, and whatever schedule you were trying to stick to. Because there really isn’t any rush when the day lasts for several weeks, is there?

For the adventurous, this season is a fantastic time to explore what Northern Norway can offer. Nature is often best experienced at night, when the warm, reddish light creates a perfect frame for the life-changing, Arctic experiences. Why go to bed, when the next adventure is waiting at each Instagram-friendly latitude?

Paris of the north is a lively summer destination

With its approximately 70,000 people, Tromsø is the capital of the North. It is often referred to as Paris of the North. Why? It was because travelers in the nineteenth-century were blown away by the women, fashion, food and culture. In admiration they dubbed Tromsø the Paris of the North. Today Tromsø have more restaurants per head than any other Norwegian city. There are festivals going on almost all the time. From international film festivals to a Sami festival including the wild, entertaining reindeer street-race and several music-festivals. The poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, who wrote the lyrics to the national anthem of Norway, told his wife that Tromsø is all champagne and spectacle. This was around the year of 1900...