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The options for a journey with Arctic Travel Company are not endless, but enough to make choosing a challenge. Winter or summer? Spring or fall? Camp Tamok or a cruise? Browse through the following information. Take your time. Explore our travel ideas, destinations and activities. We look forward to welcoming you. And remember; your Arctic dreams are bookable - directly, on this site...

Our destinations 

Explore what you can do in Tromsø, Camp Tamok and Kirkenes. Our destinations are hubs for activities as dog sledding, snowmobiling, reindeer sledding, Northern Lights tours and fjord cruises. Your Arctic dream begins when you choose your destination.

Some of our winter experiences

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Read about the activities you can join

Admire the wonderful Northern Lights while mushing your own team of dogs in the wilderness of Camp Tamok, go whale watching in the fjords outside of Tromsø, taste the delicious King Crab in Kirkenes, learn more about the Sámi people and much more. Browse through our different categories and choose your activities.

Dreams come true

On these Explore pages we present travel ideas and information that we hope you will find useful and inspiring. The people in our team have worked in Northern Norway for years - and we assure you that we are here to help. Many of you come from far away and need to know that you are booking worthwhile experiences, whether you are planning to come back and visit us in the near future or your trip is a once-in-a-lifetime event. 

We are around 200 people on five locations ready to make your dreams come true


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