Bucket list and Selfie Tour

The modern way to travel?

If you do it yourself or you help each other. Be sure to have some memories that prove this experience was for real. We believe in the importance to be in the situation and we do not recommend to travel on behalf of social medias... but nevertheless, it is ok to have some fun. Bucket lists are talking pieces among a lot of travelers - and we have the confidence to say that Northern Norway must have a list of its own...

4 absolute bucket list experiences

Northern Norway is totally irresistible and we could not imagine a better place to travel. Here are some must-dos or like some people call it; a bucket list for Northern Norway.

Dog Sledding

Whale Watching Safari

The Northern Lights

Sleep one night somewhere special. At Camp Tamok or at the Snow Hotel in Kirkenes.

We deliver all of that. Yes, it is true. Most arctic dreams are really bookable.

6 tips for better selfies

Taking selfies while dogsledding or on a whale safari seems to be one of the big things among us tourists. Not to forget the northern lights! Selfies under the northern lights might be the ultimate selfie? We asked our team-member Liga. She is a skilled photographer. How to take the best arctic selfies in the world?

«I don´ t take much selfies myself», Liga says, «and the best selfies are often taken by some else, by someone who can shoot you at a distance. Our guides are willing to help and most people find it much more fun to have a photo with friends or loved ones than just a selfie, all alone.»

Liga talks of photo in general and the most important tricks are simple. Enough light. A natural smile. And a background that tells your story. I push her a bit and she almost agrees to my list on how to create better selfies. A list based upon what she has told me. When we count it adds up to six tips! «6 ways to get better selfies».

  1. Light! Too little light makes the image blurry and grainy. «During winter, I suggest people take selfies in mid-day or practice a lot with flash-settings.» She laughs and adds that another side of light is shadows. Normally you should avoid shadows in the face.

  2. Sunrise and sunset. «This is the most beautiful light of all, so use that light if you plan your selfies», she says, «and the cliche of the sunset is a cliche because it is so beautiful that no-one can resist it.»

  3. Take a lot of pictures. Even the pros do this. «To get that one good shot you need to shoot a lot! And I mean a lot! Even selfies, if that is your purpose.»

  4. Use apps and filters. Find your style. It is not cheating, not much, because the camera does not capture reality anyway. «But don´ t over-do things and end up with a photo looking like a fake.»

  5. Relax. Just shoot. Be natural. A natural expression beats every attempt to be something else.

  6. Background. An interesting background should be a part of your arctic selfie. «If not, you could do it at home, right?»

The Northern Lights Collection

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