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Northern Lights


Do you dream about seeing the Northern Lights?


Tromsø is in the middle of the Northern Lights Oval, which is the area in the world with the highest probability of seeing the Northern Lights. Because of this there are good chances of seeing them in the Tromsø region. From September to April is the best time for seeing this magical green light.

Join our Northern Lights Cuisine Cruise from 1st of September. Book your tour already today! 


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Facts about Tromsø

Find a map, or even better, a big ball of a globe. Move your finger along the arctic circle and you will find two cities larger than Tromsø, both in Russia. But what the map does not tell you is that the most northern university in the world is in Tromsø. The quality of life, the clean air and the safe surroundings. There is no doubt that most tourists come to Tromsø for the northern light, to see the whales or experience the fjords, but it is a fact that the arctic capital offers a wide variety of urban qualities. The streets are filled with shops, cafés and restaurants - and if you are interested, the nightlife is quite famous. Unlike a lot of cities around the world, Tromsø is a safe place. You can walk through the streets, day or night, without any other concerns than to enjoy yourself and feel the relaxed, northern atmosphere getting into your heart and soul.


Tromsø City

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