The Arctic capital and hub for Arctic Travel Company

Why is Tromsø called Paris of the north? 

Travelers in the nineteenth-century were blown away by the women, fashion, food and culture. In admiration they dubbed Tromsø the Paris of the North. Today Tromsø have more restaurants per head than any other Norwegian city. There are festivals going on almost all the time. From international film festivals to a Sami festival including the wild, entertaining reindeer street-race and several music-festivals. The poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, who wrote the lyrics to the national anthem of Norway, told his wife that Tromsø is all champagne and spectacle. This was around the year of 1900...

Tromsø City Centre

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Where to stay in Tromsø

If you ask our specialist in Tromsø, Latvian-born Liga Sirava it is no doubt this is the place to be. "I believe Northern Norway is totally irresistible and could not imagine a better place to travel", she says. Liga is definitely more passionate about the nature than the city-life. She enjoys the cold and being a photographer she loves the light. "I could never be in a warm place. Not the Caribbean, not the Indian Ocean." Liga gets lost in the snow-covered trees and hills. Admiring the unspoiled nature. Feeling alive.

The third largest city in the Arctic

Find a map, or even better, a big ball of a globe. Move your finger along the arctic circle and you will find two cities larger than Tromsø, both in Russia. But what the map does not tell you is that the most northern university in the world is in Tromsø. The quality of life, the clean air and the safe surroundings.

There is no doubt that most tourists come to Tromsø for the northern light, to see the whales or experience the fjords, but it is a fact that the arctic capital offers a wide variety of urban qualities.

The streets are filled with shops, cafés and restaurants - and if you are interested, the nightlife is quite famous.

Unlike a lot of cities around the world, Tromsø is a safe place. You can walk through the streets, day or night, without any other concerns than to enjoy yourself and feel the relaxed, northern atmosphere getting into your heart and soul.

Tromsø from the air

...the Arctic capital is a great starting point for your Arctic adventure...

Sustainable daycruises


Brim Explorer started from a passion for the ocean. While working in Arctic ocean tourism, Brim Explorer’s co-founders Agnes and Espen saw the challenges presented by polluting, noisy and poorly-designed ships that restricted guests’ experiences and harmed the environment.

With an idea and dedicated partners, they set out to build a ship unlike any the world has seen. In March 2018, Agnes and Espen teamed up with designer Einar Hareide, the shipyard Maritime Partner and a team of daring suppliers to build a unique platform for ocean experiences.

A year and a half later, with the first ship Brim and more to come, Brim Explorer is combining innovative climate technology and experience from the travel industry to create experiences that are truly unique and sustainable.

Diving with is a ballet going on down there.

Read our interview with Agnes - Diving with whales

Arctic Expeditions for everyone


From day-cruises to amazing cruises along the coast for 4-5 days, Arctic Expedition provides the scenery, but also a feeling of being an explorer. They have five ships - all in expedition style, three perfect for different day-cruises and two equipped for overnight cruises in the fjords of the north. Arctic Expedition is a tour operator and activity supplier in Arctic Norway, based in Tromsø. They specialize in travel above the arctic circle. With the fleet they sail between Tromsø, Lofoten and Narvik.

From Northern Lights chasing by boat, Whale Watching, Ski by Boat or Hike and Bike by boat, Arctic Expedition offer all year round activities, both in the Winter as well as in the Summer time. 

The Expedition Cruises last four or five days, in the Northern Norway region, with all meals included and daily activities such as whale watching (between November and January), northern lights chasing, lectures onboard, visiting Norwegian villages and fjords, among many others. 

The fleet can also be chartered, from the smallest Rigid Inflatable Boats (12 people each), to their biggest ship Quest (maximum 60 people sleeping). Arctic Expedition can provide you with crew, guides and tailor-make as requested.

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