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The motorbike of the north

The snowmobile is the perfect way to travel on the snow. In the Norwegian language a snowmobile is known as a snowscooter and it is almost as usual in the mountains of Northern Norway as a scooter is in the streets of Rome. It is a motorized vehicle which is designed for winter travel and recreation on snow. It does not require a road or trail and are often driven on open terrain or trails. Our activities are on trails or snow tracks that we have tested and established for tourism. Snowmobiling is also a sport and the athletes do have extreme qualifications and skills. But we take it easy...

Although you both hear and feel the working engine on the Snowmobile under you, it feels like total silence.

You follow the tail-lights of the snowmobile in front of you. We all go together. Guided by someone like Icelandic Valur at Camp Tamok. One of our trained, educated and experienced guides making sure we travel safely, but still not without challenges. It should not be too easy to enter the magic kingdom of these moonlit mountains.

Snowmobile is a favorite activity at Camp Tamok and Kirkenes 365 SnowHotel

The track we provide is harder than the most easy versions of just running in a flat terrain. But it is not difficult, just a matter of keeping focused and do as the guide will tell you to do. The reward is amazing. You enter mountains that are on the border of wilderness. No houses. No other lights than the moon and our snowmobile headlights. It is pure magic - no surprise this is an activity most guest would like to repeat as soon as possible.